Mike Gillium, President

"During the early evolution of computerized accounting systems for small business, computers and accounting software were slow and cumbersome to use. Despite the weightiness of the set-up and training, I knew that this was where my passion lay: to make the system work when all others had given up and put the computer in the corner to collect dust."

"I have kept this passion through the years and am still driven to see projects through to completion. I still love what I do: Using technology to help clients solve problems and work more efficiently."

--Mike Gillum, President, Complete Business Solutions, Inc.

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About Us

We are an Intuit Premier Reseller meaning we can offer large discounts on QuickBooks Software and Point of Sale Hardware. Mike Gillum has been certified in QuickBooks Accounting since 1999, and has specialized in QuickBooks Point of Sale since Version 1 back in 2002.  Certified in QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop, QuickBooks Point of Sale Powered by Revel (IPad SaaS POS), QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and QuickBooks Desktop Accounting. We can meet all your QuickBooks needs.

Before the inception of Complete Business Solutions, Mike Gillum had 10 years public accounting experience and 5 years' experience as a CFO. So we can show you how QuickBooks Point of Sale integrates and works with QuickBooks Accounting.


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"Purchased software at a great price and the customer service was phenomenal. Thank you!" "Very professional and an expert with QuickBooks. Mr. Gillum understands how Quickbooks Accounting and Quickbooks Point of Sale works together. Would recommend to others." "Easy to work with and very knowledgeable in Quickbooks, Accounting, and computers." "Helped with QuickBooks Point of Sale and QuickBooks Accounting. We had been using someone local and things were just not working. We found Mike and he was able to fix the problems & provide training."